Coronavirus COVID-19 Effects On Student life

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Major Impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on Student life

Coronavirus disease  is an infectious  and killing disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus .

 The symptoms of COVID 19 are as follows; Most common symptoms are Fever, Dry cough, tiredness. Less common symptoms are Aches and pains, Sore throat, Diarrhoea,  Conjunctivitis, Headache, Loss of taste or smell, Rash on the skin, or de-colouration of fingers or toes. Serious symptoms are Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, Chest pain or pressure and Loss of speech or movement. In some cases,  symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia or breathing difficulties.

As it has very bad effects not only on one country or two countries even we can say that the whole world is badly affected by this newly discovered coronavirus . As we know the whole world’s progress has been stopped due to coronavirus (COVID 19) .  The businesses, transport, trading even can say that everything is just shut down due to this between trading countries of the world. As these things are closed: the educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, madrasas are also closed due to this coronavirus. The study of the students are also being disturbed or badly affected due to this coronavirus spreading all around the world. The global lockdown is the major cause of education’s failure.

 As we all know that, the coronavirus is spreading so much far due to gathering, physically contacts, droplets of infected people, or patients of corona virus as they sneeze and cough in the public places, touching the surface as the virus is present on them can infect a healthy man. By taking the decision of shutting down everything by the government of Pakistan also made the decision that has been taken first to close the educational institutes like colleges, universities, schools , madrasas , Etc because from this students or kids that study together or sit together can make the high risk of spread of corona virus . Because of this students can’t come to school to study well. Some upgrade students were very upset because they can’t study well because they can’t interact with their teacher face to face and can’t clear their concepts as they can do practically. As you know going to school is the best policy tool available for the students to get education and gain skills.

 As the government of Pakistan is taking the good decision to control this pandemic situation of the country as it is the situation of whole world so we have to control it together. The Government of Pakistan also taken the decision for the students to study at their homes as we know that everyone is stuck at their homes so they have to work and study at home so, students have opportunity to study from home as they have good internet facilities and having computers or having smartphones can make their study easier by taking online classes like virtual university system as their teachers teach them online on a video conference call. This was a good decision by the government of Pakistan for the students but still, the students have faced difficulties and issues in their studies. They say their study is not going well as they used to go to their university because of their higher-level education of university they can’t study well like this but they have to manage because they have no other option to do anything else to get better so they have to manage in this.

As we have talked about university students, we know we have all the primary or secondary school students and students of colleges.  As we know their exams were in March, April, May but due to this situation most of the student’s Student could not be done with their exams as we know The first Case of coronavirus was recorded in Pakistan in January then everything has been shut down and the government did you lockdown in the country. We know this Coronavirus outbreak from the Wuhan city of China. Then it becomes the global problem. Now we have to control it together by taking prevention Seriously that has been given by the government of  Pakistan. After this nothing can be possible so the government canceled all the exams. Due to this situation exams of students of Matriculation and intermediate level could not be taken by the government of Pakistan and the government has decided to promote all the students of all the boards of Pakistan. Students will be promoted on the basis of their last year’s exam results. Some Students are very upset because of this because they have Prepared Best for their exams now. But some of the students like average Students and And backbenchers are very happy because of this as they know they have not prepared yet. But the government of Pakistan announced that all the Students of all the boards’ Will be promoted to their next grade without taking exams and their Results Will be based on their previous year result.

Students of the College and university level have different fields in Science and arts. Some students can manage by learning from online classes But some of the students of mathematics and some other difficult subjects can not manage by online classes. so, their universities and colleges should give them opportunities and resources for their academic process and success. Because the Government of Pakistan announced that the exams of University students will be taken. Till now the government decided that universities can be open for the exams. All the prevention steps will be taken to the universities when Universities will be open for exams as the prevention has taken to the mosque for the prayers in Pakistan.

Every Life is being disturbed with this pandemic situation that the world faces right now because they have to stay in their homes as every country of the world has taken very serious steps to control the pandemic situation. Every country did lockdown in their country and shut everything. As every Person of every country facing the same difficulties and issues so the students  of every country is also being affected by this COVID-19 By coronavirus. As you know today’s children or students are like to play video games and online games like PUBG ,  Ludo star Etc. They love to play games and they don’t want to study at home as every child have Smartphones, laptops, smart televisions available at their homes. And now they have plenty of time to play these games at home as they have free time all day. By this, they are going distracted. Today’s students are the becoming generation of our country their future Is based on what they do today. According to me, the most affected person is not just the one who is infected by the virus but also the Student who is study is being badly affected by the virus. The only Who can do well take care of the students is their parents and teachers.

Now, The current situation demands parents to take good care of their children and make then study.. Parents can now make their children‘s study easier by helping them in their studies and prepared them for their next grade. As government schools of Pakistan provided books to the students and also the private school in Pakistan provided the syllabus And books do the students to make them study well at home.  The students should also cooperate with their parents and teachers in this difficult situation. Parents should control their children And make them to study well at home and the teacher should also provide syllabus time to time to the students at home to complete their next grade work and secure their future. As we all know the teachers and the parents of the students Play a fundamental role in their lives.

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