Coronavirus has opened the door for Distance Learning

The Corona virus has opened the door for Online Learning

Most of the governments around the world have temporarily closed their educational institute because of the current outbreak of coronavirus ( COVID 19 ). Distance learning is the only solution left. Distance learning has gained much popularity but still, some of the colleges’ students are enrolled in an online class. Teachers and professors of the universities and colleges upend of the lesson and transfer all the material to the online platforms Teachers and professors of the universities and colleges will have to upend some lessons and transfer all the material through online platforms.
Distance learning allows students to access the best educators in the country. Distance learning is the process in which students learn through online classes. The students who are not able to go to the campus of University and College have the opportunity to get an education through online platforms. Before, Distance education is also successful in many countries. The virtual university of Pakistan gives distance learning to the students in all the countries. The people who are disabled and can’t go to the campus to study they have the best opportunity of distance learning.

Successful implementation of distance learning in the countries :
The Experience of successfully implementing distance-learning Can open new doors and create opportunities for the students in the future. Fortunately, thanks to online technology and online learning aids, platforms like Google, zoom are proving an excellent platform to enable online learning. Mostly students have laptops and tablets or smartphones with headphones which all are required to learn online. but the distance learning system in the country now become very successful. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 students cannot come to their university campus.

Access to the Internet for distance-learning :
The Internet plays a very important role in today’s situation of special medication. It’s making the education system in the country do not let down because of the current outbreak of COVID-19. For distance learning will require many platforms to study online with our university teachers who teach you on video conference calls. Like laptops, tablets, and smartphones and the Internet is available at every home in the country. This makes students learn from distance from their college and university easily. As universities and colleges are in contact with their students through emails, text messages, etc so the students can access to their teachers in every problem about their subjects.

Technology plays a role in distance learning :
Technology is the easy part at first for the students but the toughest part is for the educators to prepare their lessons. Online storytelling can be more powerful in the way to keep the learner interested. As now teachers prepare worksheets for the student to prepare their lessons at home. These worksheets easily access learning for students online. Taking online and submitting online assignments making the learning system better . And educators provide all the required resources for the students to get lessons of their syllabus at home.

Quarantine makes the bond stronger between the parents and the students :
As learning at home
, students are working together, studying together, spending meaningful time, and having fun also. children observing their parents. No, they Understand, how they have to act as a role model for them. They know what they are doing today, their children will do the same in the future. Parents are the role model for their children and they are the first teachers of their children. As of now, the current situation shows that the parents and their children have a great opportunity to be a better friend. So this current time making parents and students’ relationships stronger while studying time and spending lots of time together.

Distance learning gives more opportunities for girls in traditional societies :
As in most countries girls are not allowed to go out for their education. As their parents are not allowed their daughters to go out to study because of their insecurity about their daughter. As in many traditional societies, The people paid attention to the education of boys while the education of girls is not allowed because they don’t want Girls to go out to study. This is the best opportunity for those girls to get an education . Distance-learning should implement by every Government of the country.

Mostly students are unsatisfied by distance learning :
Most of the students are not satisfied with distance learning during this pandemic situation in the world. As they say, they can study well in the university and college campus, they can’t study well at home because they can’t interact with their professors as they can in their classrooms. This mostly makes students Conscious of their’ study. This thing found mostly in science students.

Suggestions to get better distance learning students :
The following are the tips for the distance learning students to study well ;
• Boost your level of achievement.
• Create a study space for you at home at first.
• Find other students of your University and money online social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp Etc.
• make sure you have a spot of your parents are teachers.
• Make a schedule to study well at the time .
• Give proper time to every subject to study efficiently at home.
• Do use the tools provided for the student services by the university.
• Take time to ask your instructor.

Where should be followed by the distance learning students to get better? As we know the current outbreak of COVID-19 has open the door for distance learning. This is the only solution so the student should cooperate and don’t let their country‘s Educational system down.

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