Best Colleges for Surfing Programs Courses in USA (Complete Guide)

Surfing Program Best Colleges in the USA

We have some very attractive options for you if you are looking for the best universities that offer excellent educational programmes, and are able to surf. Here is a list that has the ‘Best Surf Program Colleges’ which will suit you for the next few years.

All of our superb surf programs are famous in our list for their excellent universities in the United States. So, to find the best institutes, visit the following top surf schools and pick the right one to suit your needs. Good fortune!! Good fortune

Santa Cruz-Santa Cruz, CA University of California

Santa Cruz, University of California, is one of 10 colleges of the state of California and a center for science. The Santa Cruz Department of Recreation has been providing students with surf lessons for over 30 years at the University of California. Both student leaders and instructors are recruited here to offer meaningful options for residents to learn and develop their skills, judgment and desire. Surf students must be able to swim in the open sea for a minimum of a quarter of a mile without assistance.

It was founded in 1965

Ranked as a 1st number

Contact Information: +1 831-426-7874‎

Tuition Approximately: $43,233

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Manoa-Honolulu University of Hawaii, HI

The Hawaiian University in Mānoa is also a cultural , educational and a flagship campus of the Hawaiian University network. Also you can take lessons in polynesian and sailing culture, sailing forecasting and oceanography, and you can read more about the serfdom. The School is well known for its research expenses and is well known for the international business curriculum of its peer group of public universities.

It was founded in 1907

Ranked as a 2nd number

Contact Information: +1 808-956-8111

Tuition Approximately: $8,400

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San Diego-La Jolla, University of California

The University of California, San Diego is a university of research in the US district of La Jolla, San Diego. Here, entertainment members are able to access all of the on-campus facilities and receive a discount on a variety of courses and tours, as well as services. In this thorough implementation to surfing, the students will learn about their fundamental skills, including sea conditions, safety and the right label.

It was founded in 1960

Ranked as a 3rd number

Contact Information:  (858) 534-2230

Tuition Approximately:$13,234

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University of Columbia, New York, New York.

The Ivy League University in Upper Manhattan, New York City is a private research university. The Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program is open to students engaged in surfing, from Columbia University-New York. Each student will produce a research article written in the form of a journal article during this summer program and will give a 15-minute talk about his research.

It was founded in 1754

Ranked as a 4th number

Contact Information:212-854-2262

Tuition Approximately: $43,088

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Santa Barbara-Santa Barbara, CA University of California

Santa Barbara University is a national academic institution and one of the University of California ‘s 10 campuses. The University of California, Santa Barbara, Recreation, has been providing the Santa Barbara community with quality youth programs for over 37 years serving thousands of young people annually. Both instructors and staff at the university are accredited by the American Red Cross.

It was founded in1891

Ranked as a 5th number

Contact Information:(805) 893-8000

Tuition Approximately:$28,100

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University of Malibu, Pepperdine, CA

The University of Pepperdine is a private , nonprofit, university for educational research affiliated with Christ’s Churches. In Pepperdine University, surfing programmes, by means of wildlife trips, adventure sports classes, clothing courses and climbing center programs, improve campuses and community lives. Surf programs here are open to all – students , staff, teaching staff, alumni and members of the community.

It was founded in 1937

Ranked as a 6th number

Contact Information:310.506.4000

Tuition Approximately:$42,520

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San Francisco University, CA University.

The San Francisco University is a San Francisco, California, United States, Jesuit Catholic Institution. Summer surfing camps include a range of activities and experiences at the University of Surfing Academy, including swim courses, sailing, equipment for life-saving and beach sports. The San Francisco Bay is the ideal summer destination for all kids and one of the best places to surf health.

It was founded in 1855

Ranked as a 7th number

Contact Information:(415) 422-5555

Tuition Approximately: $39,840

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College-St. Flagler. Sarkozy, FL

Flagler College is a four-year private Liberal College of Arts in St. Augustine, Florida. Everyone is in this university with perfect weather all year round, nice beaches, a comfortable surfing town and no lack of students who go to Flagler ‘s college. With a small undergraduate registration, students have a large number of individual courses with teachers and an intimate classroom environment.

It was founded in 1968

Ranked as a 8th number

Contact Information: 904-461-5395

Tuition Approximately:$15,340

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Long Branch of Monmouth University-West, NJ

The University of Monmouth is a private institution located in West Long, Monmouth County , New Jersey, US. The Surf School at University of Monmouth was distinguished by its highly regarded school of art and design, as well as the campus radio and television stations and the one-of-a-kind Monmouth-student record lab.

It was founded in 1933

Ranked as a 9th number

Contact Information:+1 732-571-3400

Tuition Approximately: $27,372

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Wilmington-Wilmington, NC University of North Carolina

North Carolina University Wilmington is a Wilmington, North Carolina Public University. Every year 16,886 students attend the University of North Carolina System undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. It is both a higher education organization and a surfing organization. It’s not unusual to hit the books throughout the day before hitting the waves after class is over. Here one goes on campus and anyone will see the impact of the surf community upon the students – surfeing is becoming a dominant element in the overall atmosphere of the campus of this university.

It was founded in 1947

Ranked as a 9th number

Contact Information:+1 910-962-3000

Tuition Approximately:$6,343

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