Best Colleges near San Francisco – USA (Complete Guide)

Best Colleges near San Francisco

1.  University of California-Berkeley

California-Berkeley colleges offers both undergraduate and graduate, while Schools are generally graduate only, though some offer undergraduate majors, minor courses. Berkeley is frequently ranked under top-ten University in the world and as the top public university in the United States. Berkeley has since expanded to instruct over 40,000 students in approximately 350 undergraduate and graduate degree programs securing a wide range of disciplines. The university awarded 7,565 Bachelor’s, 2,610 Master’s or Professional and 930 Doctoral degrees. Berkeley’s 130-plus academic departments and programs are systemized into 14 colleges and schools in addition to UC Berkeley Extension. 

Facts and Figures about California-Berkeley:

  • California-Berkeley was inaugurated in 1868.
  • California-Berkeley has the 1st ranking.
  • Studying in California-Berkeley will cost you about In-state 13,431 USD, Out-of-state 38,139 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 510-642-6000


2.  University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco will be globally renowned as a premier Jesuit Catholic, urban university with a universal perception that educates leaders who will contrive a more humane and just world. Several USF students have secured the Gilman Award for their participation in study abroad programs through the center. SF students obtained academic credit through study abroad, exchange, intern, or social justice programs. USF is cradle to more than 90 clubs and foundations including academic/professional, governance, cultural, service, social, political, athletic, and special interest.

Facts and Figures about University of San Francisco:

  • San Francisco was inaugurated in 1855.
  •  San Francisco has the 2nd ranking.
  • Studying in San Francisco will cost you about 42,634 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 415-422-5555


3.  Saint Mary’s College of California

Saint Mary’s school offers undergraduate and graduate programs with many regulations and areas of academic interest, from astronomy to philosophy to global business, and we serve a broad range of students, from traditional undergraduates to international students to employed professionals. Saint Mary’s College of California invites you to ardently clasp knowledge, the provocations of scholarship, and the potential to make lasting change in the world. This is the foundation for our mission. There are four schools at Saint Mary’s: the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Science, the School of Economics and Business Administration, and the Kalmanovitz School of Education

Facts and Figures about Saint Mary College of California:

  • Saint Mary College of California was inaugurated in 1863.
  •  Saint Mary College of California has the 3rd ranking.
  • Studying in Saint Mary College of California will cost you about 42,930 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 925-631-4000.


4.  San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is a public research university. The university awards bachelor’s degrees in 115 areas of specialization, master’s degrees in 97, and a doctor of education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership The university proffers 118 different bachelor’s degrees, 94 master’s degrees, 5 doctoral degrees (including two Doctor of Education degrees, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Ph.D. in education and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Science), along with 26 teaching credentials among six academic colleges. 

Facts and Figures about San Francisco State University:

  • San Francisco State University was inaugurated in 1899.
  •  San Francisco State University has the 4th ranking.
  • Studying in San Francisco State University will cost you about In-state 6,476 USD, Out-of-state 17,636 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 415-338-1111.


5.  Mills College

Mills also offers ten bachelors’-to-master’s accelerated degree programs that allow students to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in less time with the goal of increasing their career options. Mills is an undergraduate women’s college with graduate programs for students of all genders.  There are more than 50 student organizations at Mills run by both undergraduate and graduate students. Mills College offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and minors and over 25 graduate degrees, certificates, and credentials.

Facts and Figures about Mills College:

  • Mills College was inaugurated in 1852.
  •  Mills College has the 5th ranking.
  • Studying in Mills College will cost you about 42,258 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 510-430-2255.


6.  Holy Names University

Holy Names proffers a liberal education embedded in the Catholic heritage, empowering a diverse student body for leadership and service in a complex world. Holy Names University is located on 60 wooded acres in the Oakland hills. The university offers nineteen undergraduate degree programs and five adult degree completion programs. HNU students can choose from 15 bachelor’s degree programs, seven master’s degree programs, and four-degree completion programs (for adults).

Facts and Figures about Holy Names University:

  • Holy Names University was inaugurated in 1868.
  •  Holy Names University has the 6th ranking.
  • Studying in Holy Names University will cost you about 35,666 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 510-436-1000.


7.  Menlo College

Menlo College offers bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Management, Management, Marketing, Psychology, Real Estate, Sports Management, and an independently designed major. Its students come from all over the world to learn the practical arts of business including leadership, critical thinking, creativity, team building, communication and the science of behavior. Menlo College is a small reserved undergraduate college that prioritize on the practical arts of business in the entrepreneurial economy

Facts and Figures about Menlo College:

  • Menlo College was inaugurated in 1927.
  •  Menlo College has the 7th ranking.
  • Studying in Menlo College will cost you about 38,750 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 800-556-3656


8.  Dominican University

Dominican University emphasizes on integral studies. The University includes undergraduates in sophisticated research projects and motivates students to appear at national academic conferences and publish in peer-reviewed journals. In 2017-2018, total enrollment was 1,812 undergraduate and graduate students. Dominican University is one of the primeval universities in California. Dominican proffers undergraduate and graduate programs in business, education, counseling psychology, occupational therapy, and nursing.

Facts and Figures about Dominican University of California:

  • Dominican University of California was inaugurated in 1890.
  •  Dominican University of California has the 8th ranking.
  • Studying in Dominican University of California will cost you about 42,550 USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 415-457-4440


9.  Notre Dame de Namur University

The university Notre Dame de Namur is systemized into three schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and Management, and the School of Education and Leadership. Notre Dame de Namur University is the third medieval college in California and the first college in the state allowed to permit the baccalaureate degree to women. It provides 22 undergraduate degrees, 12 graduate degrees, and four credentials. The university also proffers an evening bachelor’s degree completion program for employed adults as well as online degree programs.

Facts and Figures about Notre Dame de Namur University:

·      Notre Dame de Namur University was inaugurated in 1851.
  •  Notre Dame de Namur Universityhas the 9th ranking.
  • Studying in Notre Dame de Namur Universitywill cost you about 30,608USD.
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 650-508-3600


10. California State University-East Bay

California State East Bay has been recognized from everything from its assortment and communal portability capacity to its business school and online education. California State East Bay is realm to the most legion student community on the U.S. mainland. The university proffers 136 undergraduate and 60 post-baccalaureate areas of study. East Bay also holds out 52 undergraduate degree programs and 39 Master’s degree programs in addition to its teacher education program.

Facts and Figures about California State University-East Bay:

·       California State University-East Bay was inaugurated in 1957.

  •  California State University-East Bay has the 10th ranking.
  • Studying in California State University-East Bay will cost you about In-state 6,564 USD, Out-of-state 17,724 USD
  • To connect to finance and admission office contact: +1 510-885-3000