Best Music Colleges in Virginia USA – (Admission Guideline)

Best Music Colleges in Virginia USA

You Need to learn music to build up your melodic skills. Searching for the best music universities in Virginia? Here we have listed a rundown in which we referenced the top-positioned music schools and colleges offering brilliant courses and degrees programs at different level.

  1. College of William and Mary

The Department of Music at the William and Mary has a regarded gathering of researchers, performers and entertainers and offers a multi-faceted program to undergrad  liberal art students. The Department of Music offers open doors for supplemental funds and scholarship to its students. Students who are graduate with a Bachelor’s qualification in Music from William and Mary appreciate a large group of various professions.

Founded – 1693

Rank – 1st

Fees – $ 19,372 (in state), $ 41,072 (out of state)

Contact – 757-221-4000


  • George Mason University

George Mason University offers a wide range of scholastic projects, ambitious researchers and educators. The Mason School of Music staff directs their students to locate their best melodic voices; set them up to satisfy society’s requirement for artists and brilliant performers, researchers, music instructors.

Founded – 1949

Rank –  2nd

Fees –  $10,952 (in state), $ 31,598 (out of state)

 Contact – (703)-993-1380


  • James Madison University

As part of the JMU Alumni Reception, the School of Music presents awards to the individuals who have accomplished in different ways, professionals in music education. The Concentration in Music Education is the biggest program in the School of Music and the biggest in the territory of Virginia. The School of Music has gained success for sustaining this greatness in the entirety of its projects.

Founded – 1908

Rank – 3rd

 Fees – $10,018 (in state), $25,152 (out of state)

Contact – 540-568-6714


  • Norfolk State University

The Goal of the Division of Music is to develop artistic imagination, advance general understanding through music, cultivate melodic illumination to the campus. The Division of Music offers of full and part time  maintenance workforce who are best in vocal keyboard and instrumental area of study. Its people group everywhere, advance scholars, and give top guidance in music instruction and music media that engages a differing students to accomplish most extreme capability as music experts in a worldwide society.

Founded –  1935

Rank –  4th

Fees – $8,366 (in state) , $ 20,124 (out of state)

Contact – 757-823-8600


  • Old Dominion University

At Old Dominion University, music students have the assets of a large number of  funded universities from which they attract to upgrade the nearby, steady connections built inside the Department of Music. They offer four parts of area to study under the Bachelor of Music. The Master of Music Education degree is intended to pressure the improvement of advance information on wide-based standards and practices in music.

Founded – 1930

Rank – 5th

Fees – $ 9,480 (in state) , $26,220 (out of state)

Contact -757-683-4061


  • Radford University

Radford University’s Department of Music offers significant degree programs at the undergrad and graduate levels and a minor in music at the undergrad level. Courses are additionally open to the students whose essential interests are in different fields. The Radford University Department of Music gives guidance in the music for students.

Founded  – 1910

Rank –  6th

Fees –  $9809 (in state) , $ 22,093 (out of state)

Contact – 540-831-5000


  • University of Virginia

The McIntire Department of Music is the focal point of melodic life at the University of Virginia and an essential piece of the Charlottesville people. They offer students a lot of chances to learn about the music performance, technology and theory. The office’s fifty resources are broadly and universally eminent for their mastery and include best teachers at the college.

Founded – 1819

Rank – 7th

Fees – $15,192 (in state)  $ 44,365 (out of state)

Contact –  +1 434-924-3052