Best Musical Theater Colleges in New York – USA (Guideline)

Best Musical Theater Colleges in New York

Students who have passion for music and who need to give their lives to music and go to a college for this then. Here we have ordered a list of the Best Musical Theater Colleges in New York.

  1. Syracuse University

Syracuse University’s bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree program centers around the advancement of student’s abilities and skills with the point of helping them to find their uniqueness as a melodic theater artists . The dance studio of SU offers four degrees of artful dance and jazz in addition to extra studies in tap, current, and theater move styles. The acting preparing joins scene study, emotional theory, text analysis and development .

Founded –  1831

Rank –  1st

Fees – $43,318

Contact – 315.443.2769


  • University at Buffalo

The Music Theater BFA program at UB incorporates the ever-broadening range of theater expressions that go from performance art to drama and incorporates Broadway musicals, supper club, and dance works. Its will probably prepare total theater specialists, focus to prevail as multi-faceted experts in serious and competitive field. Coursework is fortified by the various opportunities , including imaginative creations of conventional Broadway shows, and readings and workshops of new works of music theater being developed.

Founded –  1846

Rank –  2nd

Fees – (In state) $9,381 , (Out of state) $24,461

Contact – 716-645-5698


  • The new school

The New School Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students lets you select the several ideal and fascinating courses. Alumni of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) can move credits to The New School and procure a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in an adaptable, self-structured scholarly program. The BFA in Musical Theater program is just for alumni of the AMDA incorporated program.

Founded –  1919

Rank – 3rd

Fees – $43,813

Contact –  212.229.5150 or 800.292.3040


  • Pace University-New York

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater in the School of Performing Arts offers tip top training by all around associated experts working in the business that joins the orders of acting, music, and dance. The BFA in Musical Theater significant offers you the chance to show your skills and abilities while protecting and refining your independence. Its acting, music, and dance courses have all been structured in light of the expert melodic theater entertainer.

Founded –  1906

Rank – 4th

 Fees – $ 41,333

Contact – +1 212-618-6100


  • SUNY at purchase college

The Conservatory of Theater Arts in the School of the Arts at Purchase College offers serious, profoundly engaged BFA preparing programs in acting and theater plans for a pre-determined number of students who look to seek being experts in these fields. The theater and execution bachelor arts program is for those keen on investigating the history and style of world show.

Founded – 1967

Rank – 5th

Fees –  (In state) $8,267 , (Out of state) $18,117

Contact –  (914) 251-6000


  • SUNY at Fredonia

With the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Acting, Dance, Musical Theater, and Theatrical Production and Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, no other SUNY can offer the scope of chances or opportunities that Fredonia does. The State University of New York is completely certify by the National Association of Schools of Theater .

Founded –  1826

Rank –  6th

Fees – (In state) $8,074, (Out of state) $17,924

Finance and Admission Office Contact: 716-673-3111


  • Ithaca College

Ithaca College’s exceptionally competitive  BFA in Musical Theater is an intensive preparing program in acting, singing and dancing intended to create and reinforce the abilities, sharpen the senses that are essential for an expert profession in melodic theater. As melodic auditorium majors progress through their fresh man and sophomore years, they are routinely assessed by theater, move, and music workforce through singing and acting surveys and appraisal of dance and music coursework.

Founded – 1892

Rank –  7th

Fees – $8,796

Contact –  (607) 274-3011


  • SUNY College at Cortland

At the SUNY College, you will work alongside by the best instructors and amazingly inventive students to build up a solid establishment in theater, music, dance and specialized theater, bringing about best expert training for your fantasy profession. Taking classes in probably the most facilitate in campuses nearby will improve your study.

Founded – 1868

Rank –  8th

Fees –  $22,120

Contact – 607-753-2811


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