Best Nursing Colleges in North Carolina – USA (Complete Guide)

Best Nursing Colleges in North Carolina

A guide for nursing schools in North Carolina including school realities and profiles of the bachelor’s and masters in nursing programs then you can go ahead.

If you wanted to begin your education in a nursing profession and put additional time in your study then at this point you have gone to the perfect place for you. We have a listed the  best nursing colleges in the north Carolina .

  1. Fayetteville State University

At FSU, you get hands-on, practical class work in labs that incorporate practical test systems intended for hands-on, energizing learning.​ This program has flourished since our history to solve the issues of Registered Nurses in this region and others.They keep on teaching on the large number of nurses who play the best job in the maintenance of the health of the residents in North Carolina and the rest of the nation. You will gain or learn from teachers who are professionals, knowledgeable , and experienced. They develop highly motivated and professional skillful nurses

Founded- 1867

Rank- 1st

Fees – $4885

Contact : 910-672-1106


  • The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

The Department of Nursing foundation of the Southeastern North Carolina Nursing Consortium started in 1992. It is committed to completing the goals of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The Department of Nursing holds participation in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing also (AACN). They are focused on the tripartite jobs of teaching, exploration, and network administration that add to the culture, scholarly, and social development of the expert nurses in the North Carolina and the country.

Founded-  1992

Rank- 2nd

Fees – $ 5564

Contact: 910.521.6000


  • Winston-Salem State University

The WSSU’s Nursing program gets ready understudies to enter the workforce as generalists. The program gives hypothesis, clinical practice and open help encounters that are fundamental for delivery of expert nursing care in the various settings and to different populaces. These experiences will cultivate qualities, for example, thoughtfulness, loyalty , justice and furthermore social ability and sensitivity.

Founded- 1897

Rank- 3rd

Fees-$ 5707

Contact: 336-750-2000


  • North Carolina Central University

The Mission of the Department of Nursing is to make and keep up the learning condition that grasps shared administration like encourage authority, grant, continue to discover , and administration that empower graduate proficient students to convey socially skilled consideration and to meet the needs for quality human services in a worldwide society. The Traditional BSN educational plan is intended to empower understudies to get the information and skills expected to work as expert nurses in various social insurance settings.

Founded –  1948

Rank –  4th

Fees – $5,755

Office Contact: 919-530-6100


  • North Carolina A & T State University

The A&T ‘s College of Health and Human Sciences School of Nursing situated in Greensboro, North Carolina offers the lone rangers degree in nursing (BSN) through three section alternatives that are traditional accelerated second degree and RN completion . They set up our understudies nurses to become proficient nurses with the information and skills expected to give quality patient-focused consideration in a powerful medicinal services, accept positions of authority in nursing, and seek after the graduate instruction. They urge you to go with the helpful and reasonable approach to win a bachelor certification at North Carolina A&T State University School of Nursing.

Founded – 1891

Rank –  5th

Fees –  $5,972

Contact: 336.334.7500


  • The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The BSN qualification allows the graduates to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination. The School of Nursing offers three majors with open doors for specialization inside one significant. It is possible to gain a Graduate or Post-Master’s Certificate in chosen areas. There are two kinds of Certificates offered by the School of Nursing: a post master’s certificate and a graduation certificate. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the terminal practice degree in Nursing.

Founded – 1946

Rank – 6th

Fees –  $6,532

 Contact: +1 704-687-8622


  • East Carolina University

The East Carolina University’s College of Nursing teaches proficient medical students fits for thinking about the different needs of our patients. They are devoted to making staff and students body that mirror their community , and they are continually attempting to upgrade its social capability as it identifies with medicinal services. Its BSN program gets ready nurse generalists with the information, aptitudes, and abilities must for proficient practice as a supplier, chief or organizer of care in various conditions.

Founded –  1907

Rank – 7th

Fees : $6580

 Contact – 252-744-6477


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