Best Marine Engineering Colleges USA – (Complete Guide)

Best Marine Engineering Colleges

Marine Engineering is a major studied within the field of engineering. It deals with the works of propulsion engines and supplementary equipment of boats, ships, submarines, and offshore facilities, like oil rigs.

Students who wish to become marine engineers and naval architects, then this particular article will be informative for you.

Through this article learn about high-ranking universities and colleges in the U.S. that offer courses and training in this field, to achieve your career goals and opportunities for hands-on experience at the associate’s, bachelors, and graduate levels. Best wishes to you!

Broward CollegeBest Marine Engineering Colleges

Broward College offers you a career as a highly paid and sought-after trained marine technician. It’s the vital option to have a great life that can carry you to every corner of the world.

Broward College’s Marine Engineering Management offers a Program that is a specialized, comprehensive, and affordable 2 years technical and academic curriculum that will allow you to earn an associate’s degree and Marine Certifications through the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

BC’s Marine Engineering Management Program and masters the technical and academic knowledge you need to bestride the wave of success into your bright future.

Established In 1959
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 2,753 USD, Out-of-state 8,875 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:954.201.7350
Official Website:

The University of New Orleans

The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering has decided to grow in size and gain a reputation that’s why they are now sitting high on the list of select schools in the nation where students can learn to build and design ships and other self-sustaining offshore structures.

 They provide a Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. They also offer a Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in NAME. In addition to it,  a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science.

 It’s a graduate in a wide range of unbelievable enterprises including ship and yacht builders, offshore companies, engineering and design consultants, software developers, and any enterprise where systems engineering is desired.

Established In 1956
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 8,004 USD, Out-of-state 21,821 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:888-514-4275
Official Website:

California State UniversityMarine Engineering College

The Marine Engineering Technology (MET) offers an undergraduate education for marine engineers employed aboard commercial and military vessels. It offers a syllabus that acts as a foundation in the engineering fundamentals of shipboard mechanical and electrical systems, as well as practical training in the operation and maintenance of steam, motor and gas turbine propulsion plants.

 Its Graduates are trained and also know to perform analysis, application engineering, and system or process development in the maritime industry.

Established In Not Known
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: $5,742
Admission and Finance Office Contact:(707) 654-1000
Official Website:

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan’s Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering department provides top-tier undergraduate and graduate programs as well, known around the world as world-class for the field.

 The main prospective of this Department, the University of Michigan, is to be a world leader in the education of engineers and also in the application of engineering principles for the marine environment.

Almost  70 percent of their planet is covered by water, and Michigan NAME graduates work in almost every field that touches it.

Established In 1817
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 13,856 USD, Out-of-state 43,476 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:+1 734-764-6470
Official Website:

Maine Maritime AcademyTop Marine Engineering College

The Engineering Department claims to offer robust training and engineering principles to prepare students for careers in maritime and power engineering. It is a good option for a bright career.

 Its programs train educated and qualify students as engineering practitioners in power-generation and maritime industries. Maritime and power engineering careers surrounded a wide range of potential positions, including Design Engineer (designs and develops technologies), Operating Engineer (operates and tests products & technologies), Field Service Engineer (designs, installs & repairs technical equipment), Research & Development Engineer (designs, tests & evaluates products or technologies), Naval Architect, and Project Engineer.

Established In
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately:
Admission and Finance Office Contact:207-326-2485
Official Website:

SUNY Maritime College

If you are captivated by ships and the way they are powered and controlled, then you have to consider majoring in Marine Engineering. Marine Engineering courses mostly pay attention to thermal/fluid sciences, math, applied mechanics, electrical engineering, and problem-solving.

 A central part of the Marine Engineering program is the U.S. Coast Guard engine license program. The program enables students to work onboard marine vessels and does not require military service.

Established In 1874
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 7,809 USD, Out-of-state 17,659 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:718.409.7200
Official Website:

Texas A&M University – College Station

Its  Department of Marine Engineering Technology pairs formidable classroom instruction with numerous hands-on learning chances to properly educate marine-based engineers.

The department utilizes both top-grade professors and cutting-edge technologies to create confident and successful engineers.

The interrelated education spans marine propulsion, electrical power, electronics, and maritime engineering, blending marine power systems and applied mechanical engineering.

Established In 1948
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 10,176 USD, Out-of-state 28,768 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:{409} 740 – 4411
Official Website:

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBest Marine Colleges

Virginia Tech is also building as one of six senior military colleges in the United States.

As Virginia’s third-largest university, Virginia Tech provides more than  225 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to approximately  30,600 students.

Virginia Tech is uniquely placed in this consortium because of its existing curricula in naval architecture, marine engineering, naval engineering, and related engineering courses and programs.

Established In: 1872
Ranked at:
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 12,485 USD, Out-of-state 29,129 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact:540-231-6611
Official Website:

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