Best Music Colleges in Illinois USA – (Complete Guide)

Best Music Colleges in Illinois

Are you looking for the best music colleges in Illinois?  

Well, music is an art that represents cultural activities with the help of sound. For you, we prepare a list of the best music colleges in Illinois that helps you to create your bright career in music.

Many music colleges in Illinois offer certificates and associates in music majors. Moreover, they also offer bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in music conducting, music management, merchandising, and other eight music majors.

This article will highlight the top-ranked music colleges and universities in Illinois, we hope this article will be very informative for you.

Bienen School of Music – Best College

A Bienen  School of Music education provides its student a sense of discipline, a mastery of communication,  skills, and values of superb musicianship.

The Bienen School of music education claims to provide fifteen academic majors in a six-degree program.

In addition to it, at northwestern its distinguished faculty offer attentive, conservatory-level training designed to prepare the musician of high expertise.

 Established In: 1895

Ranked At : 1st
Approximate Tuition & fees: Not Known
Admission and Finance Office Contact: 847-491-7575
Official Website

University of IllinoisBest Music Colleges

The University of Illinois School of Music is a cynosure for creativity and alliance through performance, research, and education.

The School of Music is expedient for music research of all kinds in various fields of study. The School accepts cutting-edge revolution and discovery while providing an array of musical and engagement opportunities within the educational communities and artists of Urbana and Champaign.

The University of Illinois is also one of the top-ranked universities.

Established In: 1867
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: In-state: $15,868 Out-of-state: $31,988
Admission and Finance Office Contact: 217-333-2620
Official Website

University of Chicago – Top Music Colleges

University of Chicago’s Department of Music provides an undergraduate degree in music. It also offers a graduate degree in composition, R=Ethnomusicology, and music history and theory.

Interrelated to them is a lively performance program for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students.

Established In: 1890
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: 51,351 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: +1 773-702-1234
Official Website

DePaul University

The DePaul University of Music offers learning from faulty of expert working, professional musicians who claim to provide a performance-focused environment. The School of Music provides programs for undergraduate, graduate, post-master students, and teacher licensure.

At this School of music, you will have to work and learn with classmates and instructors, who ensure your bright career in the world of music.

Established In: 1898
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: $850 per credit hour
Admission and Finance Office Contact: +1 773-325-7260
Official Website

Illinois State University – One of best college for Music Majors

Illinois State University is the top-ranked and largest teacher training organization in Illinois, and its music faculty unite closely with professors in the College of Education.

The School of Music offers programs of liberal arts, Music education, music composition, music therapy, music performance, collaborative piano, and graduate conducting.

Established In: 1857
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: In-state 13,666 USD, Out-of-state 21,482 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: (309) 438-2535
Official Website

Roosevelt University

The university of Roosevelt is one of the best universities of music in Illinois. It trains world-famous musicians and theatre professors.

They offer learning performance of piano, string, wind, brass, or percussion instruments, orchestral studies, voice, and classical guitar.

The college also provides post-baccalaureate diplomas in performance, orchestral studies, and opera. An excellent achievement has been sat for all curricula.

Established In: 1945
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: 27,300 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: (312) 341-3500
Official Website

VanderCook College of Music

VanderCook College of Music is a private institute but it is a nonprofit college in Illinois, and it is the unique college in the country that offers specializing in the training of music educators.

This institute offer Bachelor of Music in Education ( B.M.Ed.). It also offers a Master of Music in Education (M.M.Ed.) and certificates.

Established In: 1909
Ranked At:
Approximate Tuition & fees: 26,300 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: +1 312-225-6288
Official Website

Wheaton College

At the Wheaton, College music is an act of worship and belvedere. They offer a special Christ-centered environment that fosters creativity, spiritual growth, and musical excellence. When you study music at this institute, you create a repertoire of skills that apply well beyond the field of music.

Established In: 1860
Ranked At: 9th
Approximate Tuition & fees: 32,950 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: 630.752.5000
Official Website

Bradley University – Old Music College

 Bradley University offers music with a double mission that is to prepare music students for successful careers as teachers or administrators in music and professional performers.

 Bradley also has a unique Music Business program that offers students the opportunity to not only study music but also prepare themselves to enter the music business industry.

Great Music Performance prepares students not only as performers but also as private lesson teachers, church musicians, and other related careers.

Established In: 1897
Ranked At: 10th
Approximate Tuition & fees: 31,480 USD
Admission and Finance Office Contact: (309) 676-7611
Official Website

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