Best Community Colleges in Atlanta 2021

 Best Community Colleges in Atlanta 2021

Want a bright future? Getting into a community college would be the perfect step towards you big future. Atlanta has the advanced community programs that aim for granting well-educated graduates in various fields such as technical, business etc. and has numerous degree programs that will help you choose the career that you’ll fit in and focus on your future.

To save you the trouble we have created a list of top rated community colleges 2021 that you’ll find in Atlanta these institutes will surely help you take a step towards your goal and will provide you with quality education.

Spelman College

The Spelman College is proud for being the one of the top class institute of the country with 76 percent of graduation rate. The Spelman College has a solid scholastic base and proffers degrees in the field of creativity, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and other science fields. The Spelman College is a reserved, women’s college in the field of liberal arts. It is resided in Atlanta, United States.  The Spelman College provides a variety of options to get a major in and countless opportunities for students in education in accordance with Atlanta University Center. The Spelman College also guides you with your further plans even if you graduated from there.

  • The Spelman College was inaugurated in 1881
  • The Spelman College  has the  1st ranking
  • Studying in The Spelman College  will cost you about $ 3,150
  • For more information Contact (404) 947-5274


Georgia State University

The Georgia State University has the top rated and focused faculty that help its students to get outstanding education. The Georgia State University proffers countless opportunities to above 51,000 students. The institute has advanced facilities that are remarkable in the whole world. The Georgia State University has more than seven campuses all over Atlanta’s metro and also accommodates over 10 colleges and schools which allocates annual more than 9,500 degrees. The international students also consider The Georgia State University to take their degrees from and more than 3000 students graduate from The Georgia State University.

  • The Georgia State University was initiated in 1913.
  • The Georgia State University has been Ranked 2nd.
  • The Georgia State University  will cost you $9,252
  • For more details Contact: (404) 413-2000

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Georgia Perimeter College

The Perimeter College at Georgia State University has an advanced program that proffers the chance for students to stay focus with Georgia State’s advanced advising system. The Perimeter College at Georgia State University allows students of any age and race to get themselves enrolled at the institute. It offers a certified program that guides students to accomplish scholastically while saving the time and money. Dual recruitment is also available which is served widely that includes global, networked, transfer and first-time freshman students in the University System of Georgia.

  • The Perimeter College at Georgia State University was developed in 1964
  • The Perimeter College at Georgia State University  has the 3rd ranking
  • Studying in The Perimeter College at Georgia State University will cost you Approximately $2,224
  • For any query (678) 240-6000

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Atlanta Technical College

The Atlanta Technical College is a technical college based in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta Technical College has been made accessible for every one without any discrimination on the basis of color, cast, age, nationality, gender, beliefs, civil status or dysfunction. The Atlanta Technical College has the main focus on entitling the students and motivate them towards pursuing their desired fields and guide them to get into recognized industries.

  • The Atlanta Technical College has been established in 1945
  • The Atlanta Technical College has the 4th ranking
  • The Atlanta Technical College  will cost you $2,816
  • For more details : (404) 225-4400

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Agnes Scott College

The Agnes Scott College is integrated with number of foundations such as Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University School of Nursing. The college proffers degrees including Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. The Agnes Scott College is a reserved liberal arts institute which is resided in downtown Decatur. It is a one of the best women’s college that has 937 students enrolled at present. The Agnes Scott College provides a variety of options with offering 34 undergraduate majors and 31 minors so students have a wide array of fields to choose from.

  • The Agnes Scott College was set in motion in 1889
  • The Agnes Scott College was ranked 5th
  • The Agnes Scott College  will cost you $39,960
  • For more queries (404) 471-5300

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Oglethorpe University

The Oglethorpe University is a perfect place for people who didn’t get a chance to complete their studies and have a busy life or those who are going to start their education. The Oglethorpe University is a reserved for liberal arts studies and is located in Brookhaven, at the northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. The Oglethorpe University reflects big dreams and provides countless opportunities although it’s a close-knit campus community. The Oglethorpe University has acquired a national recognition because of its business program from Colleges of Distinction.

  • The Oglethorpe University was originated in 1835
  • The Oglethorpe University  has been ranked 6th
  • The Oglethorpe University $39,300
  • For more details contact Information: (404) 261-1441

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Atlanta Metropolitan State College

The Atlanta Metropolitan College proffers authorized online programs that are taught by the top class faculty that teaches in university, The Atlanta Metropolitan College offers four-year university program. Programs are offered at yearly basis.

  • The Atlanta Metropolitan College was started in 1974
  • The Atlanta Metropolitan College has the 7th Ranking
  • Studying in The Atlanta Metropolitan College will cost you $18,499
  • Contact Information: (404) 756-4000

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SCAD Atlanta

The SCAD Atlanta is the university’s leading academic facility in Atlanta, SCAD offers a variety of degrees in above 40 fields of study to major and provides minor in above 60 studies. The SCAD Atlanta also proffers an online study program as well as an abroad education in Hong Kong. Lacoste and France with alternate course programs as well as minors in more than 60 studies.

  • The SCAD Atlanta was established in 1978
  • The SCAD Atlanta has the 8th ranking
  • The SCAD Atlanta will cost you $36,630
  • Contact Information: (877) 722-3285

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Emory University

The Emory University has a world class health care system which is resided in Atlanta, Georgia’s’ famous Druid Hills neighborhood on one of the alluring campus based on 630 acres. The Emory University has 6,937 under graduate students registered at present. The University awarded 4949 degree of educate and under graduate last year. It is a top-ranked reserved academy renowned globally for its remarkable liberal arts colleges, degree holders and executive institute.

  • The Emory University was founded in 1836
  • The Emory University has the 9th ranking
  • The Emory University will cost you  46,314
  • Contact Information: (404) 727-6123

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Emory Continuing Education

The Emory University in Atlanta proffers a huge list of certified programs and admission courses that will up skill you professional enhancement as well as private advancement. The Emory University provides a pursuing study programs, executive development institutes, and summer programs. The Emory Continuing Education has a huge number of students getting admitted coming from the metro group and far which served as the university’s discounted division.

  • Emory Continuing Education was initiated in 1835
  • Emory Continuing Education has the 10th ranking
  • The cost of education in Emory Continuing Education is not known
  • Contact Information: (404) 727-6000

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