Medical school vs dental school: Which is best?

Medical school vs dental school

Many of us don’t understand the difference between medical and dental profession, they think that both are healthcare providers, so these two are not different. It is right that both are health care profession, but they are different.

Both Dentist and medical doctors are treat and diagnose patients, but their main focus are different. Both Complete their undergraduate degrees in four to five years, and also have to complete their postgraduate training in order to work in field.

Many dentists after completed their 5 year undergraduate program, can carry their own small business by open clinic in small area. But medical doctor cannot easily open such clinic because a small team and huge diagnoses machinery is needed.

 Medical Schools

 Being a medical doctor is more difficult than being a dentist. In most countries, Universities and medical schools offer 5 year undergraduate program of medicine and offer 4 year dental program.

After 5 year undergraduate programs medical student also need to pursue postgraduate degree in a specific field in medical for example, if they have to be specialist in heart related problems they need to pass all courses related to heart in postgraduate program.

Medical profession is quite difficult because, doctors have to focus on every part of internal body. That’s why medical doctors earning is approximately $213,270 .

This is a good amount. Medical doctors usually diagnose the disease with medical test then tell precaution to the patients and also give then medicines according to their disease. If you are interested in medical profession and wants to create a bright future in this profession, I am listing top-10 medical school in the world from where you can pursue a degree in relative field.

List of best medical colleges in the world

 1: Harvard University

2: University of Oxford

3: University of Cambridge

4: Stanford University

5: Johns Hopkins University

6: Karolinska Institute

7: The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

8: Yale University

9: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

10: UCL (University College London

Dental Schools

Being a dentist is somehow easier than being a medical doctors, dentist only deal with teeth and oral problems. In many universities the undergraduate program for dental is ended in 4 year. After 4-year dentist have a choice of starting their profession or pursuing advanced education in this field.

Many dentists after 4-year of degree program start their own small business such as clinic in small area. Some work in the hospital.

If you are interesting in helping mankind and serving community by choosing this profession then you must secure  admission in one of the best world-class college offering dental programs.

Best dental school in world.

1: University of Hong Kong (HKU) – Hong Kong

2: King’s College London (KCL) – United Kingdom

3: University of Michigan – United States

4: Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA) – The Netherlands

5: Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) – Japan

6: Karolinska Institute – Sweden

7: University of Bern – Switzerland

8: UCL (University College London) – UK

9: KU Leuven -Belgium

10: University of Gothenburg –Sweden

At last, I must say both are healthcare, community services profession. By choosing these profession you find allot of opportunities to help mankind. Salary packages for both professions are also very good. If you passion is your profession then it will be peaceful for you.

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