Best Colleges in Tennessee for Engineering in 2021

Best Colleges in Tennessee for Engineering

The scope of Engineering is at its peak students want to study engineering as his majors and also to create their bright future in this famous field. If you are also one of those passionate students and you want to study engineering from the best institute in Tennessee then this article is for you.

Here, we compiled a list of Colleges that offers engineering as a major. The student must know about the top-ranked colleges, so that they secure admission in one of them, and be a professional engineer. In this article, we provide you information about the best colleges, their ranking, contact information, and tuition & fees.

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1)   Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is founded in 1879 and ranked 1STbecause is one of the world –best engineering Colleges. It is the oldest private school in the American South. 

It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and engineering sciences. Tutors help students to enhance their expertise, intellectual independence, communication skills, and leadership qualities.

Approximately Tuition and fees are 41,928 USD. If you want to contact then dial (615) 343-3773. For more information, you can also visit the site

2)   The University of Tennessee-Knoxville

It is founded in 1838, and ranked 2nd, the tickle college of engineering is associated with The University of Tennessee- Knoxville.  The College has 7 departments where it offers engineering programs, Agricultural Sciences, and Natural recourses. Tutors and students are passionate about engineering; alumni help students to create their best future in this field. The approximate tuition & fees are $31,390.

The finance and admission contact number is  865-974-1000.

Also, visit the site.

3)   University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is established in 1912 and ranked 3rd. It offers almost 20-degree programs of engineering, and also offers different activities and services to develop confidence, passion, and personality in fresher.

 Herff College is associated with the University of Memphis, develops a high reputation in the nation. More than 50 faculty members who have the best academic and professional diploma show their expertise and also help students to enhance their confidence and leadership qualities. The approximate tuition & fees are $7,296 per year. If you want to contact then dial   901.678.2000

Visit the site for more information.

  • Technological University

Tennessee Technological University founded in 1915 and ranked 4th. The University offers programs bachelors of science in Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Engineering Technology.

Almost 2,360 students secure admission in undergraduate programs and 175 in graduate programs.  For more information, you can call 931-372-3234

Or also visit the site.    

5)   The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

The UTC founded in 1886 and ranked 5th, provided engineers, computer scientists, and technologists to contribute to the progress of the nation. It developed a high reputation in the nation.  It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and computer science fields. It also provides a variety of academic programs to develop passion, confidence as well as prepare students to face world challenges.

The approximate fees are $6,888 per year.

The official contact number of UTC is   (423) 425-2256

For more details visit the site.

6)    Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University founded in 1891 and ranked 6th, offers many opportunities for fresh engineers who are passionate about their bright future in this field. It offers programs in civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, software engineering,  Hydraulic Engineering, etc. 

It also offers scholarships for students who cannot afford the expenses of studying at Lipscomb University. The approximate  fees are $28,556

The official contact numbers are 1 (800) 333-4358, (615) 966-1000

You can also visit the site.

7)   Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University established in 1911 and ranked 7th. It offers undergraduate programs in Engineering Technology, Environment Sustainability, Technology, and mechanical engineering.

The purpose of Technology engineering is to prepare students to contribute to world-wide high technological and industrial management.

It also offers minor programs in the Engineering system, Electronics, and many more. The approximate tuition fee is $8,957

If you need more details  then dial (615) 898-2776

Also, visit the site.                     

8    Christian Brothers University

The Christian Brothers University founded in 1871 and ranked 8th among universities for engineering in Tennessee. It offers programs in four major disciplines of engineering: Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and mechanical engineering.  It also offers graduate programs in Computer information systems and Engineering management. The engineering department of CBU provides students a variety of activities that help them to be confident, knowledgeable. The approximate fees are $31,000.

For more information call on (901) 321-3000

Or visit the site

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