How to make the Educational System better?

Better Educational system for Students

The term educational system is used for the rules followed By schools,  universities,  colleges, and other educational institutes for training students. The educational system is the short form of public schooling.

Many countries have the worst educational system in the world. China has the best educational system. Every country should follow the rules that are being followed by the Chinese educational system to better our educational system in the country . The problems and the solution of the education system for students  are as follow ;

Problems :
Education of all ( EFA ) Commitment, Vision 2030, war on terror, technical education, lack of proper planning, gender gap, funds for education, cost of education, and social constraints.

Every country has an international commitment that is the education of All ( EFA ), It seems like They will not be able to achieve these international commitments because of poor financial management and constraints. Vision 2030 planning commission of Educational system which promotes the thinking mind .. The strategies made of vision 2030 to achieve the goals. Increasing the public expenditure on education and skill generation, reintroduce the education in secondary school, gradually increase the technical educational institutes, enhance the scale and quality of education in general. It should realize that the problems of education are not just due to the poor management of the government but also deeply rooted social and cultural orientation of the people.  To overcome this difficult problem to be solved we should change the mind or attitude of the people . Until then primary education is difficult to achieve. The factors which affect the enrollment of girls include poverty, social constraints, Parent concerned about the safety and mobility of their daughters.  Society’s emphasis on early marriages is may limit families‘ willingness to send girls to school. Enrollment of rural girls is 45% lower than the urban girls while the enrollment in boys difference by just 10% only, showing the gender gap is the main important factor. And then the problem is the cost of education that The economic cost is higher in private schools then the government school. The schools which are private are located in richer settlement only. Private schools are better but not everywhere and government schools ensure access but Do not provide quality of education to students like the government institutes in European countries. The terror is also becoming a problem because they targeted many schools and colleges and killed many teachers and students. This factor does not contribute as much as other factors but this factor remains a very important factor. The funds for education are 89 %  education expenditure compromises current Expensive just teachers’ salaries and the remaining 11 % is not enough to raise the quality of the education. The population of the country is the main power of its Nation. It’s becoming Asset When it is skilled. Uneducated people mean more jobless people in the country which affects the national development of the country negatively. The technical Educational institutions are not sufficient and country. The attention of the government should be paid to technical education in USA and UK. These issues lead to the comprehension of the problems which are faced in the development of education and the promotion of literacy.   

Solution :
There is a need for implementation of educational policy and vision 2030. An analysis of education policy suggests several admirable ideas, but Practically there are some shortcomings also. It may not possible for the government to implement uniform education, especially in rural areas. But her uniform circular can Introduce the educational institute. This will provide equal opportunities to Rural areas to compare with the students of urban areas in job marketing. The majority of the Pakistani population lives in rural areas and the excess of education is their biggest problem, It seems feasible that the balanced approach for formal and informal education be adopted. Government sectors, as well as non-government sectors, should work together to promote the educational system in the rural area. The government should take measures of school buildings on land which is occupied by the feudal lords in the country. And the government should also make efforts to ensure that the quality of education is being provided In those schools. The federal government is making attention to Promote vocational and technical training but it’s important to make already existing vocational and training centers more efficient  So that skilled students can be produced. Special policy planning units should be made in every province, education departments for the implementation of education policies whenever needed. The provincial education department also needs to work on Financial resources. Most of the countries are facing these challenges and problems with education and financial education Management. Education remains a subject which is paid the least attention in Asian countries but gained the most attention in European countries. The implementation of the country may result in positive.

Technical education should be a part of secondary education. Classes of electrical and other technical training must be included. Providing economic encouragement to the students Make encourage the parents to send their children to school end it may help in reducing the drop out ratio. Local government is the system which can promote the educational system . And local government system the funds for education would spend on the need basis.

Corruption in educational departments is the biggest problem. And the effective system is needed in the educational department to avoid this problem. Unemployment of educated men and women is a major concern. There should be three-year counseling of the peoples of the school to make them know about the job marketing and And to generate their skills accordingly. Career counseling of parents is also required so they can choose the career for their children according to the markets’  friendly.

The information required in the education system not only done by the government alone but the public and private participation and makes a formal and informal education can pull out the majority of the population of the country from illiteracy. To make youth an asset, the Government should promote vocational and technical education more.