Why Sports should be part of education?

Sports is the part of education:

Sports in the skill In which a team or an individual competes against another or others for entertainment like cricket,  soccer,  debates, etc. It is a degree of competition. Some games like racing are corn sports.

The sport includes all forms of competitive physical activity and games which are played through casual or organized participation. Many People commonly play games with your friends in college, school, and university. Then they need coaches to teach your team the theme of students how to do better in sports.            

Importance of Sport Education:

Sports in education maintain the physical health of the student and also make him obedient, discipline, and determined to win, Willing power ETC. Nowadays education Makes student’s stress more than making their mental satisfaction. This leads students to the stress of their studies and their interest in being participating in sports is losing day by day. The educational system should also include sports and their schedule of the year. Sports make more a  student‘s physical stamina. Sports make their mind fresh and self-confident to participate in every competition of life confidently. Sports are also the main source of making a student self-confident. Games play a very important role in our life. Education is incomplete without games. Being participate in sports students feel Smart and cheerful throughout the day. If one is smart and cheerful then the Or she able to get the best out in life. Sports education is very necessary to keep mind and body trim and fit.

A student enjoys Life as a player. He enjoys his life at his best while an unhealthy man can not enjoy his life. Extracurricular activities in the school and colleges should be hard during the vacations because when a student stays at home for so long they are going useless. In many developing, countries like the United States of America, England, Italy, and China sports are the main part of every school. Also in Pakistan the sport important part of the school. The students of Pakistan are very ford of games and sports. At present,  the facilities are inadequate but we can hope that it will be better in the future.

Games and sports on established in terms of discipline. The captain of the team works as a leader and the team should obey the captain. The whole team has to follow the rules stated by the leader which makes a student obedient and disciplined. Then students play with all of their energy to make their school proud of themselves in the competition with others.  Race, jumping, cricket football are commonly playing in every school. Weight lifting is some other kind of game. It’s useful for everyone especially for the students to maintain their mind and physical health. Games and sports contribute to all the development of personality and development of qualities in the formation of a noble character of the student. Day to day practice of sports May help the story to develop leadership skills. The student should balance between work and play.  The most important advantages of the sports education are as given below ;

Advantages and Benefits of Sports education:

  • Reduce the level of anxiety and depression in the students and make them feel free.
  • Improve the mental health of the student.
  • Improves the personal mood of the student.
  • It generates respect for others.
  • It helps to get better sleep.
  • Boost the confidence level of the student.
  • A way of socializing the student’s activities.
  • Improves body fitness and shape of the student.
  • They will know the importance of teamwork.  
  • They will become disciplined and know how to make a balance between work and play.

Sports should be given importance at the school level because it gives base in the cultivating activities of sports at the school level. Every school and college should establish a sports academy in their departments. And hire good trainers to train students on how to play better than others’ schools and colleges. To make students all Rounders school should give equal importance to the sport as a game academic period. Sports shape the body of the student and make it strong and active. Every parent makes their children participate in sports at school, college-level to avoid being tired and lethargy  . Especially now the childhood obesity increases. Physical education and sports greatly evolved over the past few years. Physical education is been a special course for the last some years in Pakistan. This physical program helps the student to build and maintain a life long relationship with sports and physical activities. Before,  physical education is just to Train future leaders and military commanders. Now it becomes an Academy course and it is recognized as important in every student‘s life. The government should make physical graduation is compulsory for every student because of its student will be active and strong. Active and strong students will be successful in the future and make the country proud.  

Studies have shown that significantly many students are less active than before. Physical inactivity it’s becoming a lifestyle of many students and so then they become overweighted adults. It is said that the human body is like a machine. If the machine uses for long then it will work for a long period of time but if It’s become rusty then it will be useless.  As of now,  the aim of physical education is to promote physical activities between all the students.  So it should be necessary for all the students to be part of physical education at their school level. Physical education should be necessary at the college and university level to make the students active. 

Conclusions :
Physical activities are not just for students‘ physical health but also much important for the students’ mental health. There is a variety of sports that you can find satisfaction in as a student. Participating in playing sports today, is the best chance to improve your mental health, as well as academic results. Physical activity is very necessary for every person alive to get a better and active life.