Why Education System Should be improved

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Educational system

The educational system is the short form of public schooling and high school programs. The term education it is generally used for the rules followed by the school colleges and universities and other educational institutions for training students. Education is a process that brings positivity to human life and behavior. Actually , education Is the process of acquiring knowledge gaining of skills. The main purpose of education is to develop new skills and polishing grown-up children‘s minds to believe in themselves and help others while pushing in the human race of equality, equity, and harmony. There are three types of educations are as follow ;

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Non-formal

Education is the education of the school where we learn basics. Informal education in the education which our parents’ teachers is like how to play, how to ride a bicycle, how to eat Etc. Non-formal education is adult education where they are not in the school but they gain the basics for their job.

In the world, our country has the worst educational system. Pakistan is on the list of Having the worst education system. In Pakistan, there is no check and balance between the Government school and private schools. Somewhere government schools are very good.  the government provides books and uniforms to the students and the teachers their teachers very well. But mostly teachers of government schools and college teachers don’t come to teach students and no one has to ask them why .?

In schools, the syllabus that teachers teach the students is very old and confusing. Also in schools. The teachers are not well trained and not as much as they need to be educated. The educational system of Pakistan is very worst because they’re learning and teaching system is very poor. Gender discriminate is very common in Pakistan is also the cause of causal for the educational system. Usually, parents make their boys get an education at a high level but in Pakistan mostly people don’t want to get their daughter Well educated. A woman should work side-by-side of a man. Our country can progress if we were together, the educational system is very worst because most students go to other countries for higher education,  If our country is having that much good education system then why they have to go to other countries for higher educations.

Presently., Quality education is much needed at the time. There are many reasons so a family who are an educational system in Pakistan. Because students and teachers do not get good facilities and resources that are required for a good educational system. In schools, the student gets a basic education. The education of the school is much better than the education of colleges . The government school is better than government colleges. The government provides books and uniform free for every student and government schools. But in a private school there is so many high dues should be paid by the parents of the students.  The people who have not that many resources of income not be able to admit their children to private schools. The teachers in private schools are well educated. Everyone wants to get a good education in private schools but not everyone having many resources of income so they have admitted their children to study at government schools.  

A good educational system has the power to transform the lives and minds of the students and I have many opportunities for the students Of any nation and whatever their background. It is a long-life process in which a man gets opportunities and experiences in life from cradle to grave Which makes them strong to overcome the difficulties and issues of life with no fear. A man gets many experiences during his life good education and well-educated people make the country strongest,  wealthier, and even make the other students to the job scared of yours and make them also Stronger part in this society. High education is a better Life chance for everyone. The function of education enhances the transformation of culture. Culture is the way to determine that human activity. Investing in the education system in the future investment of our Nation.

Every child should get a quality education Even its a girl or a boy. The environment should be stronger, healthier,  fresh and every facility or resource that is required for a better education should be done by the government. Well trained and well-educated teachers should be hired and manage the classrooms for every student for better education. Gender sensitivity should be removed from our country and reduce inequality.

Colleges and universities having a High reputation in academy programming. Education can people gain knowledge and enlarge their view of the world. From watching TV and reading books and newspapers and also by the Internet we can get knowledge according to their interest in any subject like mathematics , Science,  biology , social study and About any current condition of our country And other country And also current currency exchange rates. Technology plays an important role in the educational system. Technology can change the perspective of the educational system. As the technology involved in educational system, the students are more active in their learning process. In the current situation, teachers have no more source of attention. Internet facilities provide students to learn from home. Teachers are playing the role in facilitating and guiding of information and not as the source of information.   

By believing in old traditions people of today’s Consider a woman’s as a low-cost people is because of lack of proper aims and methods of education..  bringing everything together contribute to educational quality learners, environment, content, process, and outcomes is a difficult task. It requires knowledge, resources, willingness  to change. Today’s biggest problem is the student who doesn’t know what to do next, in which field of arts and sciences they want to study .career counseling is the better solution of getting a better educational system . Training teachers for the betterment of student’s quality education. Equality between the men and women . And the quality of education are the steps the government should take for the betterment of a good educational system.

New schools and institutes are opening in Pakistan day by day not give a quality education but to benefit from the lack of schools and colleges in Pakistan and earn a huge amount of money through charging high dues or fees from the students. The worst part of the education system is there is no balance between government schools and private schools.