How Artificial intelligence is changing the Traditional Education System

Role of artificial intelligence in Education and Learning:

In the time of computer sizes, Artificial intelligence also called machine intelligence. Intelligence is demonstrated by the machine. Artificial intelligence is in contrast with natural intelligence by humans and animals. This is the branch of computer science which emphasize dumb development of intelligence machine Who is thinking and working like a human being. The examples of intelligent machine Are speech recognization, Learning, and planning, robots who works as human beings. There are four types of artificial intelligence are following below ;

Reactive machines
The basic type of artificial intelligence which is purely reactive. These devices have abilities neither to make memories and Nor to use past experience. They just perform to inform current decisions. Deep blue and games playing supercomputers are an example of this.

Limited memory
These devices have the ability to Look in the past. Self-driving cars are example of this. They observe other cars’ speed and direction. They require some specific objects to monitoring them over time.
• Theory of mind
At that point, we have to stop there. This point is about to call those machines we will Build in the future. This is specific to discuss the types of representative machines that Need to be formed in future.
• Self-Awareness
The final step in artificial intelligence to build a system That can form a presentation about themselves.

Students need should adopt educational software :
From school level to graduation, artificial intelligence will impact education through the Application of a greater level of student learning. Some of this already happening True to the growing number of learning programs, games, and software. These systems satisfy the student’s Needs, Repeating things that students haven’t learnt. Generally Helping the students at their own place, whatever that may be.

Artificial intelligence can find out places where courses should improve :
Teachers may not always aware of the gaps in their lectures and educational materials which confused students about their concept. Artificial intelligence provides a way to solve this problem do the online course providers. When a large number of students submit the wrong answers to their home assignments. The system alerts the teacher and gives future students some hints about the correct answer. This type of system how to solve the gap in the educational material and I also have the students to clear their concepts about their courses. Rather than hear back from the professor-student get feedback on time …

Students can get help through artificial intelligence tutors :
As you know machine gun more teach the student as the human to tutor can. Some tutoring programs already exist in artificial intelligence and can help a student through basic mathematics and other subjects. They can teach students fundamentals but can’t Help students learn high order thinking and creativity. Real teachers are still required to facilitate students.

Artificial intelligence programs can give students and educators helpful feedback :
Artificial intelligence programs not only help students and teachers about their courses but also provide them feedback about the success of the course as a whole. For example, The schools especially those who are offering online study are using artificial intelligence Monitor student progress and alert the professor then there is an issue with student’s performance.
These programs allow students to get help when they need and alert professor where they have to improve instruction about the course for the students.

Programs alerting about how can we interact with information:
We noticed that an artificial intelligence system that affects the information we see on a daily basis. Applications like Amazon recommendation based on the previous purchases, And all web ads geared up towards our shopping interests. These types of intelligence systems play a big role and how we interact with information in our personal and professional lives. And can change how we find and use information in our school and academia as well.

It could change the level of the teachers :
There will always be the role of teachers in our education but the role may change due to the artificial intelligence computing system. As we have already discussed that artificial intelligence program takes over tasks like grading, can help students to improve education and world tutoring.
Artificial intelligence could adapt to many other aspects of teaching as well. Artificial intelligence could be a program to provide expertise place for the student to ask questions and get help. In the future, artificial intelligence will change the role of the teacher to that of a facilitator.

Using artificial intelligence systems, software, and support helps students can learn from anywhere in the world at any time and with these kinds of programs taking Place of classroom instructors. Educational programs power by artificial intelligence already helping the students to learn basic skills.As these programs growing faster and as developers learn more then they will offer a student to get a wide range of services and information.