How to score good marks in exams – Ultimate Guide for Students

How to score good marks in School and College:

The secret of achieving high marks in school exams for the students is to stay humble and believing in themselves. The student should believe themselves no matter what anyone Does or say. They should believe that their Way still the best way. To get up early in the morning and go to bed early is good for every person for the betterment of his life. It’s also much more important for the student to get up early in the morning and go to bed early at night better to achieve their goals in life. It also makes their mind healthy and fresh. This Makes them study well with a fresh mind. The student life should be punctual because of this student can be successful in his future goals. Being  Punctual pushes students to work hard and also work on their weaknesses to achieve overall success in life.  Having goals makes students aware of their actions efforts and their skills to achieve them in life. Students can achieve a goal by motivating their teachers and parents especially. Motivation is the best way to make a person or student work hard And being positive. Today is a competition between the students of every school and college to Get good grades in board exams. Most of the students work very hard to get good grades and exams and make their parents and teachers proud.

Now the competition is very tough for every student at this time .

Board exams are a very important stage in the academic life of every student. It’s Sure that scoring good marks and exams makes the student take admission in a good course or in a good college. To get high marks do practice more. With the help of the past paper, we usually get an idea of a paper pattern. Always feel fresh while studying but avoid the study late at night plan because it makes you feel sleepy and dizziness the next day then you can’t study well. Feel fresh and energetic during the exam time student should eat well and sleep well.  Make a good plan and follow your schedule. By following its rules you can easily manage your work.

Making notes :
Making notes during the study is best for exam preparation. During the exam, preparation students can study well through notes. Making notes for each subject makes you study well And it will not make student discomfort during preparations. From being regular in school or college is a better way to learn a lesson easily and it will clear the concepts going in the class.  Notes making is the best habit mostly that can be found in the toppers. When you make notes during class you note down all the important points which may not be found in the book. Pay full attention during the class when the teacher is teaching. Don’t get involved in taking with your friends because it will make trouble later on. Concentrate on what the teacher is teaching and note down all the important points teachers have a wide range of information and ideas during teaching the class. Good notes can make good grades and learn better .  Then make a habit of revising all the chapters which cover during the classes in school. If you don’t have that much time then make a habit just to learn 15 or 20 minutes a day. By studying past papers Will make you confident to sit in your exams.  It makes you recall all the concepts you have learned during classes clearly.

Avoiding last day study :
By studying daily students will not get stressed during the last days of exams. Study on the last day will increase stress. Avoid studying the last day because it will do nothing more than to increasing stress.   You can revise all the chapters but avoid learning a new chapter on the last day. Give priority to study all the chapters which give you chances to score more easily in your exams.

There are two best strategies that should be followed by the student to scores good marks in exams   are as follow ;

Good time table :
Before starting the study for exam preparation.  The student should make their own time table Which directs all the material that has to be covered in exams. This also tells how much you need to study daily To cover all the syllabus given for the exams.  Time table allows the student to know that when the specific subject is scheduled. A well constructed time table establishes a routine,  which can be comforting to a student. It prevents waste of time. The timetable shows exactly what to be done in a particular time.

Lose that fear :
Fear and stress are some of the major factors which tend to become an obstacle in getting a high percentage in exams. The student should lose all the fear and free his mind to get a high percentage in exams. Because a fresh mind can change the world through thoughts. Students should believe in themselves and work hard until they achieve their goals and be successful in their life. Students should believe that they are valuable as a person which makes them confident to do good in exams and achieve their goals in their life …

The above-mentioned strategies should be followed by the student to get high marks and exams. And the above-mentioned advice Should not be Taken for granted. The student follow all the rules to score good in exams. Students should be punctual during their school time or college time and make their notes on each subject to get prepared without any stress and sleep well at the time. Going to bed earlier and getting up early in the morning also lead a student to success. Eating healthy and fresh food also good for the student during exams because health is very important to be active and fresh during exams. Parents and teachers should motivate students to make them self-confident Or make them achieve their goals in their life. By taking good grades students available to take admission to the good course and college of their own desire where they want to study. By being a successful student also make their parents proud so that’s why parents should motivate their child that how he can score good grades in exams because students are facing the big competition of education in today’s society.