Effects of social media apps on students of school/college level

Effects of social media networking on students:

Social media is a platform for broadcasting information. Social networking is the platform to communicate with one another. Social media has one-way communication channels and social networking has two-way communication channels.

From social media networks, students or individuals can make new friends, can give their views and opinions, and also create new identities on the social media network platforms. Social media also attract students to a whole new way of learning. Research has shown that students who are frequent users of social media are more innovative and have a better memory.

How social media network impacting the students of school and colleges
Social media can impact on students of school and colleges in both positively and negatively. Positively we can say it’s increasing the students‘ social information and understanding of human behaviors. Negatively we can say it makes them materialistic, angry, and addicted to too many bad things. The problems arise when we use everything without analyzing what we are doing and what will impact our family, education, society, and country. Social media is also a tool for personal destruction.

Important to educate students about social media networks :
It’s really important to educate people or students about the better use of social media networks in the school. So they can interact with the network to develop skills for the development of their personal career. Overuse of social media networks can make you fail in your studies of school and college. Are used on social media apps can divert you from your career and personal development.
So, the student sure informed about the negative impacts of our using social media networks on their studies and their personal life. Teachers should create groups I am pages In which they should provide the content about their life experiences which Make students around the world know the moral values. As nothing has disadvantages if you know how to better use of it. So, education about social media networks that how to use them is a must for the college and school level students.

Social media is the playground for the new generation and they don’t know about the rules of the social media networks:
As we know, kids living in the cities with their parents can’t give them the opportunity to play with their friends in the playground. They are unable to connect with their friends so they choose Facebook and Other social media network apps to connect with friends and also for fun and joy. In pleasure, they forget who they are? I am what the positive and negative impact will come out of their actions. By using social media for fun can connect them with virtual animals ( fake accounts) who are basically like humans but actually not. They getting personal with them and they getting information from their personal life and about their parents which I think it’s not good.

Students using social media network apps over their studies :
Parents are visiting their professional Life and daily life activities. They don’t have much time to communicate with their children which is not good for their children. Is the new generation is Can’t stay silent for so long without communicating with others so they choose social media platforms to communicate with others and get appreciation about their pictures they have posted on the networking apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter ETC. It’s tough for them to stay silent. They love to get attention and appreciation so For that, they post 2 to 3 selfies a day on the social networking apps. As I saw the new generation around me is basically they know about social apps more than me.

Students can be influenced by political practices on social apps :
Every political leader and they are birds are tweeting and sharing vomiting Of their mindset. And I don’t think so this is good for the student to see because the nation is Hopping for the better. They are looking for the opportunity to how they can influence students towards them.
Because of participating In such things, students will lose interest in their country. The student should follow the great and positive social media websites and accounts to stay positive.

How social media apps infecting students of school and colleges :
Mostly use social media apps or Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. All the apps have a negative and positive impact on students. But TikTok has positive impacts less than negative impacts on everyone. As this app is free, fun, and incredibly popular. There is a variety of background music on which people have to only. They make short videos and post it there to get likes and comments. Students want to see their publicity on this platform. It has psychological impacts on the mind of the students making them an attention seeker unconsciously. This makes them materialistic and addict to do many bad things to get popularity. Students in school and colleges are badly addictive this app. They don’t study well and waste the time by making videos on Tiktok.

We can use my social media networking apps for knowledge.
We can use it for:
• Learning and teaching.
• Use of social media websites by defining career goals.
• Analyze between the fake and original content or accounts.
• Discuss with Parents before taking the final step on social media platforms to get personal in any matter.

Education is the best way to get knowledge about what you are doing about anything and what impact on you, on your family, and on your country. The knowledge about social media use should be implemented in the course at the school level now. Teachers and parents should Teach students about the better use of social networking for their better future.