The Golden life era, The Student Life – Must Enjoy It

Student  life Golden life:

Student life is the golden era in the life of a person. Because it’s a life free from all anxieties, problems,  depression, and also free from all the responsibilities of this world. The only responsibility of a student is just to learn and acquire knowledge.  Student life is the happiest time for a person. This is the period of life which is pure joy and happiness,  Because the mind of the student is all free from the worries depression responsibility and care. The most important thing in student life is punctuality and discipline because without this student can’t reach goals. Discipline and punctuality are very important things in human life. Without discipline and punctuality, a student is like a bird without its wings. Discipline and punctuality are not just for students it’s necessary for everyone to do everything in life. Discipline is the self-improvement thing. Discipline is making people obey rules and if they don’t they will get punished.  Discipline is the Quality of being able to behave and work in a way that Involves obeying particular rules. It necessary for everyone to reach the goal in their lives. So everyone should be punctual and carry discipline in every situation in their lives to become successful in every field of life.

The most important factor in student life is the value of time. Time never waits for anyone so being a student we should do everything on time to achieve our goals in life. As we say that student life is the Golden Time in the life of a person. Student life is the life of preparations. This is the education period of our life. Our dreams, future goals depend on this. During our student life if we make the right Use of our education then we will be very successful in the future. At this stage of life student should be very careful. They should think before every step they are going to take . Student should learn must New things as possible in the period of life. As at this stage, the student’s mind is like clay. The clay is the softest thing from which we can make different things and we can shape it in many different ways. We can make different pots From the clay. Once the pots are made then we can’t change it. Likewise, Our character is the same as clay Once they formed they can never change easily. If we are not serious about this stage of life we cannot achieve our goals in our lives. The students should be very serious and careful during this period of life on which their future life-based.

Throughout life at college school university, we meet different people. We make new friends. We get in a relationship with people we like. Student life is the life where we meet different people at different stages of life. At school life, We make friends play together and Study together. At college and university lives which are very different from school life where we meet different people we hang out in our university life and college life and then they became our friends or we may get into a relationship with them. University life of a student where students choose to go to clubs and parties according to their interests. The comparison of the School, college, and university life we can say the whole period of student life is a golden time.

    Students are the future leaders of our nation. The prosperity of a  nation depends on its student. Every person‘s responsibility who is living in society is to acquire a good education, maintain a good character, and live a  respectable social life. Obedience, regularity, punctuality, and discipline are the very important parts of student life. We all Should be learn perseverance because it is the root of all the success. Throughout, at the life of school we learn the basics of the grown-up life. We acquire different qualities like obedience regularity punctuality and we get to know how to do work on time.

In our student life, we enjoy with her friends when we travel together through college transport. We enjoy while doing work together,  study together, or while bunking the class together. The best part of the enjoyment is traveling through buses of school, colleges, and universities. Actually everyone likes to travel together but friends love to travel together or stay together.

School life is the period of life Where we choose basic subjects to study further in our life. The best way to know how to choose our subjects or field even in arts or science to consult with your teachers. Because they know your intelligence level and your interest. They will suggest your best. Sometimes in our society parents force their children to study science subjects which make them not to study well in those subjects. They can’t study well because they cannot develop an interest in those subjects. The parents should know the value of the interest level of their child. They should not force their children to choose the subjects which they like. They make their children choose whatever they like. Because when the students choose the subject of their interest they will study with full attention. Then they will achieve their goals in their lives. In most of countries, there is career counseling where is a student can be guided according to their interest. But in our country

The brown parents force their children engineering and computer science even their children to get admissions in medical, Engineering and computer science even their children wants to admission to art subjects or in physical education because they are parents thought children will be successful if they take admission in science subjects. They don’t know the scope of art subjects that’s why there should be carrier counseling in our country to guide the student according to their interest.

The education ministry of Pakistan should give opportunities and resources to the student for their bright future. The government of Pakistan shall provide jobs for the freshers. Because In our country students studied well at their academic levels but they don’t get a job in our country which makes them depressed. The depression and anxiety for the students as they get it because of this is not good for students and also not for our society.

Some of students of our society do suicide because of this.

Government should take better step to solve this issue.

Many problems a student face during his student life but this is the best life a person survives Full of pure joy, happiness,  careFree and depression free environment. Student life is a  golden period of a person’s life. The best life which teaches us how to work on time, how to make discipline, and how to get whatever you want in life. So enjoy it with your  full energy. The study can be more fun switching up your routine bit to make it fun. The fun does not always mean that “ parties “. You have to enjoy every moment of this golden time.