Why You need a Career coach for your Career counseling

Career counseling for students and need for a Career Coach:

The action and the progress taken by a person throughout life especially related to that person‘s occupation is called a career . A career Is composed of a job I’ll buy the person, Workover a long period of time or rather than referring at one position. The true definition of career is what you do for your living do your profession or company like being a lawyer and a doctor are the examples of Career.  Usually, people do jobs. But job we do To earn money but the career isIs the series of employment connected. A job Has a minimum impact on our future life but a career gives us learning and experiences for our future . .. Achieving career and goals in life is satisfaction for us. Achieving our goals l in our life is worthless. It also helps us to sustain our status in society.

Let’s talk about the main topic that is career counseling. In our Grant educational system, the main difficulty with the problem we are facing is the lake of career counseling. In school, We acquire knowledge about the basics. But at that time at the matriculation level, we have to know what to do next. Students can’t choose the right subjects for We to acquire knowledge about the basics. But at that time at the matriculation level, we have to know what to do next. Students can’t choose the right subjects for themselves to study further Add their intermediate, Bachelor’s, And Masters’s level. They choose the wrong subjects in which they can’t study well and at last, they failed badly in those subjects. They should choose in which they have an interest and for this, they need a guider for it . Parents are the best teachers but in our society usually, parents force their children to choose subjects of Medical science, mathematics, engineering etc. Because parents think that these subjects have the scope in the world so their children should study the subjects to be very successful in life and for their better earning in life. This is the wrong way to treat students. When students choose the subjects of their parents’ choice ,  they can’t study well and then.  at this stage, they are being badly forced to get good grades. They can’t study well and get bad grades then they need a job but no one hires them. This leads them to depression. Then the most awkward time arrived then the students or the children Face the problem of anxiety and depression. In our country mostly students like this attempted suicide because after graduating or doing masters level they don’t get a job because of their bad grades because they could not study well according to their interests This sounds very bad. In-country like Pakistan and India, this is the most common problem we are facing today  We should do better to overcome this problem by making Career consolation in our country.  This should stop what their parents are doing to choose their subjects or the field not according to their’s children choice but according to their own choice because we can’t judge a book by its cover. Parents also should evaluate their children’s values, interests, skills to help them to generate their life‘s goals. And also help them to achieve their life’s goals.

Students are the future leader of any nation. Students are the backbone of the nation. So they should be treated as well as possible. They should be provided with all the facilities and resources they are required to get a good education for their good future. Students can achieve success only in those subjects in which they have the interest to study. They can’t study well that subject which they don’t want to study. They should not be forced to study those subjects. From this we can lose successful and intelligent person. To overcome the situation carrier counseling is the best solution for this problem    . ..

First, a parent should not force their children to study those subjects of their choices. Then when highly trained teachers should be hired for the students who can guide them for their better future.

They should realize students to know their selves, their strengths, their values their personality, and their skills. This will help them to decide which fits them best. And to learn about their options and about the job opportunities they have in life according to their interest and then make a good decision. . …

All in all, Career counseling is the best to guide students and tell their parents what suits their children best. By this, the problem can be solved out and we can save the many Bright futures to get dark. Career counseling is the advice-giving and support provided by the career counselors to their clients About their future according to their interest and experienced throughout life to choose what is better for them. Career counselors help their clients To Evaluate Their Interests. , Skills, Opportunities in life. Evaluate the clients’ Background, education, and training and help them to develop suitable and realistic goals. Career counselors help their clients to make the right choice about their career path, career development, and career change.  If a person wants to do a profession but can’t because lacking skills then carrier counselors help them to choose the right path.  

Career counseling is very effective for a woman. the government needs workers and employees more in today’s time. Women should work side-by-side women but early marriages are the biggest problem in Pakistan and India . Career counselors will Guide everyone about their careers and help them to evaluate their values. They will help them to know the value of a woman’s education because our nation needs a woman as it needs men to progress as developing countries progressing in the world. Pakistan is also developing country But the educational system and the lack of career counseling is the biggest rock in the bath to success . So, The government should Make career counseling to build a strong   Nation   . . .

Other developing countries are very successful because they have career counseling in their country. The presence of career counseling means you have the gardeners for your self about how to choose your career and what suits you best. The government should make career counseling at the school level, college level, graduation level, and masters level. It is much more important for the students because the future of the nation depends on the students. Students are the nation‘s future leaders . So they should be guided according to their interest and their parents also should not force them according to their wish and let them study whatever they want to study. It will be good for the students’ satisfaction which will lead them to the bright future of them .  Moreover, we can say career counselors are the partners of students.